FG 4 Roller Filing Guide

for 3/8" saw chain with 13/64" file

for .325" saw chain with 3/16" file

for 3/8" PICCO saw chain with 5/32" file

for 3/8" Picco Mini with 5/32" file

A simple filing guide that sharpens saw chains smoothly, and checks depth gauges and aids in filing them.

The STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Guide brings you the ease and accuracy you expect when sharpening your saw chain. This accessory provides a smooth filing action, and also checks and assists with lowering your depth gauges. The STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Guide features a patented STIHL design, four roller guides and an integral fold-out filing plate to sharpen your chain simply and easily. No matter wha...Read More
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